Apple MacBook Air

Best laptop, by the Wirecutter

The Wirecutter lists two models in its “best laptop” article: “the best overall laptop for most people” and “a more powerful and more capable machine”. Here they are.

[amazon template=custom_thumbnail&asin=B00UGEBB94&search_text=%TITLE%&title=Apple MacBook Air 13-inch]
[amazon text=Apple MacBook Air&template=custom_title&asin=B00UGEBB94&search_text=%TITLE%&title=Apple MacBook Air 13-inch](13-inch)

“Our pick: The best laptop for most people”
[amazon text=Amazon&template=custom_text_price&asin=B00UGEBB94&multi_cc=1&search_text=%TITLE%&title=Apple MacBook Air 13-inch]
[amazon template=custom_thumbnail&asin=B00UGBMRQ8&search_text=%TITLE%&title=Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina display]
[amazon text=Apple MacBook Pro&template=custom_title&asin=B00UGBMRQ8&search_text=%TITLE%&title=Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina display](13-inch, Retina display)

“Also great: Power and Retina if you want it”
[amazon text=Amazon&template=custom_text_price&asin=B00UGBMRQ8&multi_cc=1&search_text=%TITLE%&title=Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina display]

Wirecutter is a collection of lists of the best gadgets. Founded by former Gizmodo’s editor Brian Lam, it is aimed at “people who don’t want to take a lot of time figuring out what to get”. Its choices are usually very reliable and take weeks or months of research and testing.

Source: The Wirecutter
Last checked on: 17 December 2015