Samuel P. Huntington at the World Economic Forum in 2004

Most influential scholars in international relations of the past 20 years, by the TRIP project

The Teaching, Research & International Policy (TRIP) project asked international relations scholars: “List four scholars whose work has had the greatest influence on the field of IR in the past 20 years.”

Here are the answers (the survey was conducted in 2014).




The Teaching, Research & International Policy (TRIP) project at the College of William & Mary seeks to collect and analyse data about research and teaching in international relations (IR). Its faculty survey includes IR scholars in more than 30 countries. “The overwhelming majority of our respondents have jobs in departments of political science, politics, government, social science, international relations, international studies, or in professional schools associated with universities,” says the project’s website. “Given our definition of ‘IR scholar’ — individuals with an active affiliation with a university, college, or professional school —, we excluded researchers currently employed in government, private firms, or think tanks (except where instructed otherwise by our country partners).”

Source: Teaching, Research & International Policy
Last checked on: 14 January 2016