Lenovo ThinkPad T460s

Best business laptop, by the Wirecutter

“Business laptops are for road warriors and business people who need decently equipped laptops they can count on,” says the Wirecutter. But it also notes that “most people, even actual business people, don’t need a business laptop anymore” – ultrabooks are usually good enough for office work.

The website says business notebooks are “for people who need a reliable laptop that’ll last for several years of near-constant use and abuse, people who need to be able to plug in a projector without hunting for an adapter, people who need a laptop that’s easy to service and upgrade, and people who want to work through an intercontinental flight without their computer dying.”

Here are the best business laptops according to the Wirecutter.

Dell Latitude E7450

“Also great: Runner-up”

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”Also great: The upgrade pick (Windows not included)”
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Wirecutter is a collection of lists of the best gadgets. Founded by former Gizmodo’s editor Brian Lam, it is aimed at “people who don’t want to take a lot of time figuring out what to get”. Its choices are usually very reliable and take weeks or months of research and testing.

Source: The Wirecutter
Last checked on: 15 March 2016