Food thermometer

Recommended meat thermometers, by Consumer Reports

“Eating undercooked meat may pose health risks and overcooked takes the joy out of eating, so it’s surprising that instinct often trumps a reliable meat thermometer,” says Consumer Reports. “It takes seconds to use, but can potentially save you from food poisoning by ensuring that food is cooked enough to kill disease-causing salmonella, E. coli, and other bugs. […] Digital thermometers generally performed better, were more accurate, consistent, and convenient to use than analogue. Analogue thermometers were often more difficult to read, had the longest response times, and have few features. Go digital.”

Here is the Consumer Reports’ selection of recommended meat thermometers. The maximum overall score is 100, and “Best Buy” models offer more value.

Instant read digital thermometers

ThermoWorks Thermapen

Overall score: 81

AcuRite Digital 00295

Overall score: 78

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Leave-in digital thermometers

iGrill mini Bluetooth

Overall score: 76

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Source: Consumer Reports
Last checked on: 11 October 2016