Samsung 950 Pro M.2

Best SSDs, by AnandTech

These are the best SSDs on the market according to AnandTech.

SATA (performance and enthusiast)

Samsung 850 Pro

“The Samsung 850 Pro is overall a bit faster, has a higher endurance rating and has hardware encryption support”

SanDisk Extreme Pro

“The Samsung 850 Pro and SanDisk Extreme Pro are still two of the best SATA drives on the market, with no successors or new competitors”

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SATA (value and mainstream)

Mushkin Reactor

“The best deal in this market segment is obviously Mushkin’s 1TB Reactor”

Crucial BX100

“The 250GB model is attractively priced”

PNY CS2211

“The PNY CS2211 pairs Phison’s S10 controller with MLC NAND and manages to bump the OCZ ARC 100 off the recommended list by offering slightly better throughput at a slightly better price and with a longer warranty”

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Samsung 950 Pro

“It’s the clear leader for real-world performance on client workloads, and with the addition of a heatsink it tops the charts for most synthetic benchmarks as well”

Samsung SM951 (AHCI)

“For users who don’t have systems capable of booting from an NVMe drive, we recommend the AHCI variant of the Samsung SM951”

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mSATA and M.2 SATA

Samsung 850 EVO

“On average, the 850 EVO performs a bit better, but it’s a tough generalization to make”

Crucial MX200

“The MX200 has better steady-state random write performance”

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Source: AnandTech
Last checked on: 30 April 2016