Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Gear VR

Best Android phones, by AnandTech

“With the year [2016] having just begun, we haven’t seen all that the major players in the Android space have to offer for their flagship devices,” says AnandTech. “However, MWC [Mobile World Congress] played host to some notable announcements, and by now we’ve already seen what Samsung has to offer this year, with LG and HTC coming very soon.”

These are the best Android phones on the market according to AnandTech.

Samsung Galaxy Note5

Best phablet
“The Galaxy Note5 is Samsung’s flagship large screen smartphone, and it still comes out on top of the competition in all the key areas like camera, display, and performance”

Google Nexus 6P

Best phablet
“If you’re looking for something priced more affordably than the Galaxy Note5, or if you’re not a fan of Touchwiz, the Nexus 6P could be a viable alternative”

Samsung Galaxy S7

Best high-end smartphone
“I was a fan of the Galaxy S6, and simply improving upon it for 2016 was a pretty surefire way to create a great successor”

Google Nexus 5X

Best mid-range smartphone
“The Nexus 5X still stands out as a very capable and high quality device for its price”

Huawei Honor 5X

Best budget smartphone
“The Honor 5X really delivers, and bringing features like the fingerprint scanner and metal chassis from high-end smartphones helps to position it above the competition”

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Source: AnandTech
Last checked on: 30 April 2016